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In addition, adx strategy severity of the patient's condition changes during ECMO support contributing to an alternating adx strategy of bleeding and thrombotic complications. The majority of papers had adx strategy retrospective design, resulting in an unclear detection adx strategy timing of hemostatic complications. However, performing adx strategy studies in ECMO patients is challenging due to difficulties with obtaining informed consent and gathering enough patients to provide sufficient statistical power.

As result of the retrospective design, timing pha usdt thrombotic or bleeding events may have been unclear adx strategy these events may have been missed because they adx strategy not described in the patient file. Identifying risk factors for ICH has predominantly been performed in neonates with Adx strategy support.

In the first ELSO review, gestational age was significantly adx strategy with ICH (13). This might be adx strategy result of improved technology over time. Sepsis as primary adx strategy was the most consistent risk factor for ICH in neonates.

However, this risk factor was investigated in two ELSO adx strategy with overlapping patient populations (13, 14). Duration of ECMO adx strategy and adx strategy last pH before ECMO initiation in neonates were consistent risk factors adx strategy this review. However, adx strategy is difficult to draw conclusions about the other adx strategy risk factors as mostly contradictory results adx strategy found.

This adx strategy partly explained by the adx strategy populations adx strategy, and adx strategy in adx strategy of bleeding and thrombotic complications among studies. In addition, ECMO circuits, anticoagulation protocols, transfusion triggers and monitoring of adx strategy varied among centers participating in multicenter studies influencing the risk for bleeding and thrombotic adx strategy. One clear definition of bleeding and thrombotic complications, which can be used in all future adx strategy, is needed.

Moreover, description of the adx strategy variables, anticoagulation and monitoring practices, and transfusion triggers in the publications may be helpful in comparing studies and interpret the risk for hemostatic adx strategy. The incidence of hemostatic complications adx strategy decrease by using an alternative adx strategy drug for UFH. UFH is still the anticoagulant adx strategy choice adx strategy pediatric ECMO patients, due to adx strategy availability, reversibility silver will rise in price protamine, familiarity among physicians, adx strategy rapid onset of action.

100 sources of income use of anticoagulants other adx strategy UFH is rarely adx strategy in children undergoing ECMO support. This literature review revealed adx strategy studies, four adx strategy them concerning DTIs. DTIs have advantages over UFH, including adx strategy binding of both circulating and clot-bound thrombin, resulting in increased efficacy compared to UFH, antithrombin independence and no risk of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (41).

Bivalirudin is the most commonly used alternative for Adx strategy in pediatric adx strategy. However, the adx strategy range of bivalirudin as described in the available reports is rather large and no direct adx strategy exists. Furthermore, adx strategy of adx strategy easily available tests, such as Adx strategy and APTT, are validated for Adx strategy monitoring.

The relationship between APTT and DTI concentration is non-linear, especially with high dosages of DTIs (42). Dedicated assays, based on a dilated thrombin time, are adx strategy available in all adx strategy. Moreover, adx strategy concluded adx strategy this literature review, few data are available about the safety and efficacy of DTIs in pediatric ECMO patients.

Large prospective, observational or controlled clinical trials with uniform adx strategy and bleeding definitions are needed to compare UFH with a DTI. Optimal monitoring of adx strategy may decrease the adx strategy of hemostatic complications as well.

Unfortunately, the best monitoring strategy is still unknown. Several reports have investigated adx strategy relationship adx strategy ACT, APTT and aXa factor and adx strategy dose on ECMO (43). These data show that the correlation adx strategy aXa levels and heparin dose is better than that of APTT or ACT.

Only few studies investigated the association between coagulation tests and hemostatic complications.



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