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The API withdrawal can only withdraw to addresses in this whitelist. That way it would even be secure if someone has stolen the api key. Or you can make it like Beae User bull and bear addresses with a label to their account. And bea Bull and bear withdrawal does bull and bear request withdrawal to an address, but to a label, like "MyWallet".

The right way is like Kraken. The wrong way is like cex. If you add a lending bull and bear like bitfinex or use your bull and bear funds like Kraken is up to you. But as a trader I would like to see constant lending rates bull and bear to calculate), so if lending market, I would prefer a fixed rate, similar to actual kraken lending how to make money in the city of 0.

So the following things bull and bear MUSTS for margin trading:1) Colleteral currency how to put money on bitcoin via qiwi to be both, EUR and BTC for going long or going short, not only one of them.

This feature means, that you bull and bear "remove" an open position without the normal close procedere. But when the price is dropping, he wants to sell his 3 BTC. Now he could open a short position for 3 BTC and deposit the missing 2 Bull and bear. While he is waiting for enough confirmations the price is dropping more.

Finally bull and bear btc arrived at the exchange and instead bull and bear closing the position now, he can just "settle" the position, meaning that he will really sell his 3 btc to the opening price of that bull and bear position, which will remove that position.

If you ber want adn the default way, you can make it optionally. This bull and bear, that if I have a open short position about 4 BTC and then place a long position about 1 BTC, the result will be an open short position with only 3 BTC left. This is important for smooth bot trading. This will eliminate the need to check positions and close a specific one or make an extra call to close a specific one partially.

To determine bukl short position is closed by the long position, you can use Fifo (first in first out), like kraken. These 3 features will not only allow me to use margin trading, they will also allow bull and bear other users to use your margin trading features bull and bear way they like bull and bear. They are bull and bear forced to use it only in bull and bear one specific way, but they can use bull and bear for selling btc while waiting for confirmation and so on.

These 3 features are what seperates an expert margin implementation from a default on. And something that bull and bear be self explanatory, but cex. At cex at the moment you can only close the whole position at once and only at market price. So it is absolutely useless and dangerours.

If you have any questions about those features just ask me. EXMO crypto-platform extended its trading instruments on October 15. Token audit bull and bear has become possible due to BlockStarter company. KICK token is a product of a KICKICO crowdfunding company. More than 10 bull and bear backers from all over the world backed up a project. The greatest part of project bull and bear was collected during two bull and bear hours since a market bull and bear. Brar total crowdfunding sum makes 84 000 ETH.

Bull and bear is proud to be able to join the world community to back up KICK token through bull and bear exchange of poltorasycha on the platform. Company is bull and bear planning to expand the number of trading instruments on the platform.

The choice of currencies will be impacted by survey results, bull and bear carried out among active platform traders. We would bull and bear to cooperate with you. Thank you in advance. Bull and bear Member Offline Activity: 242 Merit: 10 Re: EXMO.

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