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The section is suitable for those who earn on the permanent purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. For the usual purchase of bitcoins in Belarus, franchise costume jewelry is better to go to the "Exchange" page.

Followed by:Specify the direction of exchange, that is, to choose the currencies that need to be changed. We choose the exchange of rubles for bitcoins. To do this, we use drop-down lists and select the desired currency courses of the nb rb for today and tomorrow the list.

We indicate the exact amount of rubles for sale. The bottom of the bitcoins that can be bought for this amount of rubles will appear below. Confirms the transaction with one button. Go to the wallet and see that there is some bitcoins on the account. To display cryptocurrency, select the "Disable" option. To buy bitcoins in Belarus, you need to perform two operations at once:Exchange Belarusian rubles to another currency, which is accepted by the exchanger to convert bitcoins.

These include Russian rubles, dollars, euros. Conversion can be carried out with the Commission on the Exchange itself or in another system. For example, if you plan to use Yandex. Money or WebMoney, then within the framework of these sites, you can make the exchange of Belarusian rubles to another currency. Then this money will be used on the online exchanger to bitcoin coins buy cryptocurrency.

Next, on courses of the nb rb for today and tomorrow exchanger website, we choose the direction: Exchange of the existing currency on bitcoins. Now on such sites you can choose electronic money, cash, funds on bank cards, to then buy bitcoins for them.

The sharing directions are very much, their number exceeds several dozen. We choose the direction of exchange and indicate the amount that "give" to acquire bitcoins in Belarus. The system system itself automatically calculates how the number of cryptocurrencies will receive the user for this money.

Often, the Courses of the nb rb for today and tomorrow Commission is immediately deducted from it. Check your blockchain- or other wallet, where the online exchanger should have been transferred bitcoins.

There they can be instantly or within an hour. The benefits are obvious here:Minimum Commission. You can talk and agree on a favorable course. There is courses of the nb rb for today and tomorrow opportunity to exchange direct Belarusian rubles to bitcoins. But there are still minuses:Among individuals there are fraudsters who do not always honestly fulfill their obligations.

Some sites on which the exchange is made will provide warranties, but take extra charge for this. If you need to change the Belarusian rubles to bitcoins, the private person can take a high percentage for this. This direction of sale is considered rare than many Deltsi. Since bitcoins in Belarus are not sold at the official level, then they are not so easy to purchase. The photo is illustrative.

Photo: Olga Shucailo, Tut.



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