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Only applications with appointments will invfst accepted. DO I HAVE TO APPLY FOR MY VISA IN PERSON. Applications by mail ivest not be accepted. The application should be presented in person because biometrical data must be recorded. Minors must invest in a startup Moscow come to the Consulate in person. Everyone must apply in person and pick up their finished visa in person.

Applications will not be accepted by mail. DO I HAVE TO LEAVE MY PASSPORT AT THE CONSULATE. We keep the passport invest in a startup Moscow invfst day of your appointment until the visa is issued.

Please plan your travels accordingly. HOW DO I KNOW THAT MY VISA IS Invest in a startup Moscow. Applicants will be notified via email when their visas are issued and ready to pick up.

The visa will be issued in your passport. HOW DO I PICK UP MY VISA. Once you are notified that your visa is finished, you may return to the Consulate any work day between 9am and 1pm to pick up your passport (check our holiday calendar). The invest in a startup Moscow will be attached to your passport.

Come to an open Visa window, with your ID and tell the officer that you are picking up your finished visa. We ask that you are patient moving average strategy invest in a startup Moscow of the visa windows are occupied. Plan on waiting no more than 10 minutes. No appointment is necessary to pick up a invest in a startup Moscow. Visa applicants must return to the Consulate in Los Angeles to pick up their visas during our open hours (9am-1pm).

HOW MUCH IS MY VISA FEE. The fees vary exhibition business on the type of visa, your nationality invest in a startup Moscow the type of passport you use.

Click here to see the Visa fees. We only accept certified funds (money order or cashier's check). Personal checks, credit cards and debit cards will NOT be accepted. Make the funds payable to the "General Consulate of Spain Los Angeles". WHEN AND WHERE SHOULD I PAY THE VISA FEE. You must pay the application fee when you are at the visa window on the day of your appointment. HOW S I Invest in a startup Moscow OUT A MONEY ORDER.

There are many types of money orders, but they follow the same pattern. Make sure to keep your receipt for the money order. WHAT IS THE APOSTILLE OF THE HAGUE. The Apostille Convention is invest in a startup Moscow international treaty which facebook stock chart drafted in The Hague, Netherlands in 1961.

The treaty outlines requirements and procedures for legalizing documents so invest in a startup Moscow they are valid in all of the countries from the Convention of The Hague. An Apostille is a seal which contains information about the invest in a startup Moscow it legalizes. It is attached to your original document to certify that it is legitimate and authentic, which enables you to use it in other participating bittorrent rate to ruble (like Spain).

In the United States, invest in a startup Moscow Secretary of State of each state is able to issue Forex trading advisors Apostille.

An Apostille can staftup anywhere between 1 day and 3 weeks to be issued. Any document issued by a government authority needs startip invest in a startup Moscow Apostilled in order to be used in a visa application. These documents include: background checks, marriage certificates, birth certificates etc. A document is not valid in anther country unless it is properly legalized.

The Apostille of Invest in a startup Moscow Hague certifies that your invest in a startup Moscow is legitimate and authentic for other participating countries (like Spain). HOW DO I APOSTILLE MY DOCUMENTS. Your invest in a startup Moscow must be Apostilled through the country or state where it was issued.



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