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Convenient - you can settle in the shops, translate money to another card or take off v any ATM. When making an operation bitcoins will be automatically converted in dollars. Minus - limitation operations if you not confirmed personality. For example, services install limit for online shopping, sums translations, withdrawal cash or in general limit funds on the map.

Read on to find out about all investment sites and projects nuances. If you have registered anonymous purse without identity confirmation, most often you will not be able to withdraw money on map directly, you will have to use the services of exchangers. If withdraw money from BTC account to bank card- appears connection between your card and wallet. If confidentiality really important, it is worth withdrawing bitcoins to an anonymous electronic account, and from there - through the exchanger to map.

Popular payment systems support anonymity and do not oblige users to disclose personal information. They allow you to buy bitcoins and store them investment sites and projects an internal wallet, or immediately send them to an external one. Investment sites and projects registration need to enter email and confirm it. Top up any banking by card or e by payment. Rubles or dollars on the account you can exchange on bitcoins inside the payment system, there is a separate tab for this.

Other users sell bitcoins and set the price themselves, but you can buy them. Pros: works anonymously and quickly. You can change bitcoins as needed and pay with them on the Internet. You can issue a plastic card. Cons: not the most intuitive interface, a lot useful information not available in investment sites and projects personal account, you can find it only through Google.

For registration need to indicate name, surname and mail, after registration, atc brokers mail does not need to be confirmed. Without identity verification can be replenished only through some payment systems, but not investment sites and projects card.

It's nice that the commission for the replenishment is immediately indicated. Bitcoins can buy only to external purse. Deduce money can be for electronic wallets or to the bank card, and you need to indicate the recipient's phone number. Minuses: no bitcoin wallet, withdrawal to the card without a name - investment sites and projects for cards of Russian banks.

Registration by mail or phone number, but for investment sites and projects with service necessary point web bidding personal data and confirm their photographs of documents. Since we want anonymity, this payment system will not work for us.

Minuses: obligatory verification according to the documents, there is no separate wallet for BTC. Immediately offers to generate a wallet, you just need to come up with a password for decryption. You can upload file wallet from a drive investment sites and projects hard wallet like Trezor, get access by mnemonic phrase or on key. To investment sites and projects anonymous bitcoins, investment sites and projects must first replenish purse Ether, and then investment sites and projects him to bitcoins that will go to the wallet you specified.

Not very convenient, but completely anonymous - no mail or phone is needed to access the site. Minuses: the site is aimed at people who are well acquainted with the device of cryptocurrencies. Authentication can be configured by phone. Buy bitcoins are not allowed is just a secure wallet for sending transactions. Minuses: you cannot buy BTC directly, you cannot upload the wallet file to work with another service. For example, I will buy bitcoins through, which I have already written a review about.

First I go investment sites and projects the site Bestchange, choose in nimiq left column is the bank, v right - AdvCash. Anonymity will very investment sites and projects, since most exchangers will ask you to indicate Full name which should coincide with Full name card holder.

Had to dig, but I found a site that does not ask personal data, and immediately sends a confirmation of the application to your personal account. Confirmed the application for the transfer of money, through A couple of minutes dollar appeared on AdvCash.

Buy BTC on AdvCash it is forbidden, only fork BitcoinCash. Therefore, we are already throwing anonymous dollar on the exchange EXMO. Why is money credited to EXMO in Ukrainian hryvnia. Instead of crediting money, they gave me EX-CODE to be entered in the EXMO wallet. Go to EXMO, go to the wallet and scroll through to the very bottom. There we press on the button "Top up" opposite EX-CODE.

Enter the code, confirm - we get money. For more security and anonymity, these bitcoins can be withdraw to a third-party wallet for example on Blockchain. For this we go in the wallet looking for a button Request, copy address wallet. On the site EXMO looking in the wallet bitcoins, click button "Withdraw", introduce dgb cost sum and insert address wallet.

Unfortunately, my test translation cannot be verified as minimum amount for withdrawal - 0. Bitcoins obtained in this way anonymous and do not indicate on you or your card. My hryvnias passed exchanger, AdvCash, transfer to EXMO, EXMO exchanger and switched to a clean wallet Blockchain.

The most that you can find out about bitcoins on Blockchain. Who translated them, to whom and why - will remain a investment sites and projects. On the commission of 5 intermediaries, Printing house sale of lost 2. On the Bitcoin course, you can make good money but the undefined legal status can lead to problems with the law.

To save money, necessary take care O his anonymity. A list of safe exchangers can be viewed at Bestchange. That's all for today.



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