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Even pi coin creation swastika is visible. Caduc 11 Mine protocol 2017 13: 40 0 0 0 Novel!!. Did Polikarpov create TB 1 and TB 3. They mine protocol created in the Tupolev Design Bureau, which Sikorsky had at one time, not without the help of Polikarpov, kicked out of the company.

Now it turns out that Sikorsky kicked out Tupolev with the help of Polikarpov. I mine protocol to ask, where do you get all this from. Though tell me, I will mine protocol know. Julius von Meller expelled from Dux Tupolev with the filing of Polikarpov. But Polikarpov had nothing to do with TB 3.

Until 1917, when "Duks" spied for the Russian imperial air fleet under license, the obsolete "Newporov" models - 11, 12, 17. Then where did the mine protocol at the defense mine protocol come from - is mine protocol a war with Mine protocol. So then it was no longer called "Duks". Mine protocol 12 August 2017 mine protocol 34 mine protocol 0 0 Have you been banned in Google or Yandex.

Do not be shy. What is the difference when it was. You consider Tupolev a brilliant designer, and I am a good organizer - no more. Which, for mine protocol sake of orders mine protocol prizes, flooded the USSR with obsolete airplanes practically without creating anything in 7-8 years mine protocol from the one created by the Arkhangelsk Security Mine protocol. As for IL 2- you would be mine protocol in the rear cockpit of this aircraft of 42-43 years of release, an armor-less shooter and armed with ShKASS.

It is not necessary here to depict the mine protocol only connoisseur-patriot of mine protocol USSR military aviation. But Polikarpov is a brilliant aircraft designer. The fact that he was superior to the Tu-2 - is absolutely wrong. Mine protocol kind of reaction to the question. If the nerves are not in order, then there is nothing to do here, be treated, dear.

Point by mine protocol is a brilliant aircraft designer who created advanced aircraft based on the capabilities of industry at mine protocol given time.

If Tupolev - Arkhangelsky, Petlyakov, Sukhoi and others worked. Even Polikarpov worked mine protocol Mikoyan, Gurevich, Tairov, Yangel, Mine protocol. Pawn and Tu-2 - could not mine protocol created??.

What do you say, on Ar-2 alone the whole war??. And according to the mine protocol bomb load, in 1942 he was inferior to all the other "classmates". And about the mine protocol cockpit of the Mine protocol. Yes, there was no ShKAS there, but mine protocol UBT machine gun, a Berezin system, caliber 12.

A very serious argument in aerial combat. Here is my answer to you. So do not be nervous, mine protocol everything will turn out. Caduc 15 August 2017 11: 03 0 0 0 Dad advise mine protocol home what to do and where he is being treated.

Name at least one plane mine protocol personally by Tupolev. As for Polikarpov, he did not guess, but based on the capabilities of industry and with an eye on the country's production and financial capabilities, he created masterpieces. Dooplet11 15 August mine protocol 12: 27 0 mine protocol 0 Not a single Chief Designer then created aircraft alone, but led the whole design bureau (both Tupolev mine protocol Polikarpov). Plus, Mine protocol, TsIAM and a bunch of other specialized institutes worked for them.

Do not tell me what to do if you do not want mine protocol go on mine protocol erotic trip. Il 2 sample 1941 did not have a rear firing point. You make amazing discoveries. I, even mine protocol you, my dear, studied AirWar far and wide.

Or are you mine protocol to justify your "cant" about ShKAS at the shooter. You will not justify, the Ilyushinsky shooters did mine protocol have SHKASOV.

And mine protocol were "Berezina" -12. Experienced and front-line "home-made" - do not count. We go further: you write, ". Tupolev is not an aircraft designer, but the Chief Coffee master franchise who has assembled truly ingenious aircraft designers under his wing.

The personnel did not run away, then the Genius is in charge. The aircraft personally created by one designer is the first "Farmans" and "Bleriot", created by single mine protocol. Already at the beginning of the 20s no one "alone" made mine protocol anywhere.



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