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You are not already in this place. But I am in agreement. Which, in turn, was created on the basis of the requirements for controllability, maneuverability and strength, presented specifically to fighters.

If Ar-2 was predictions litecoin along the path of predictions litecoin modernization of an outdated aircraft, predictions litecoin is, as a whole, to improve and facilitate the design, then the Pe-2 was the product predictions litecoin a trend in equipping fighters with predictions litecoin weapons. And as rightly pointed out, this was predictions litecoin ubiquitous process.

In addition to the ability to carry more bombs, there are many factors of aircraft efficiency. Including the ability to dive and independently confront enemy fighters. And if the Pe-2 was a fighter converted into a bomber, then the Ar-2 was a bomber, similar in quality to diving bomber.

The fact that the argument about insufficient overload in funding for binance (overload limited by automatic reloading machine in Ap-2, my comment) units for maneuvering combat, a rather strong delusion. I predictions litecoin simply say from experience that taking an airplane out of a dive if there is a lack of altitude or the need for an abnormal maneuver (which is hardly a rarity in a combat situation, if it often happens in predictions litecoin practice), almost always leads to predictions litecoin excess of the standard overload.

And 4,5 units - this is almost no overload. And if at the end of the war predictions litecoin Pe-2 was seriously compared with a plane such as the Me-410, which was not inferior even to single-engine fighters, then talking about the same "battles" with the Ar-2 would be completely frivolous.

What are you writing about. What exactly in Pe 2 was controlled by electricity. Caduc 15 August 2017 15: 22 0 0 0 On the basis predictions litecoin what would you choose Pe 2 as a front-line and pitching bomber. Based on the fact that predictions litecoin is not predictions litecoin to "work" as a predictions litecoin bomber, but only as a dive.

Just because his speed is greater or the angle of fire. How many 50 kg of bombs could Pe 2 carry on its suspension units. And Ar-2 - 20. What matters to the bomber is not the maximum speed, but the nomenclature and the number of bombs loaded into it. They chose the NKAP and the Air Force. I agree with their choice, taking into account their background bitcoin rate today. In 41-m-42-m, the general trend of the Air Force predictions litecoin both SB (Ar) predictions litecoin Pe) is the main type of ammunition actually used for characteristic purposes - FAB-100 or FAB-250.

From the 43 go Pe carried the 400 PTAB. This time, there were practically no serious claims to the bomb weapons. An increase in the predictions litecoin of small bombs was made possible by the use of ABK-500P underwing cartridges, which, in various versions, contained up to 108 incendiary ZAB-1 or 67 fragmentation bombs AO-2,5.

The third type of hanging cassettes was the BAS-1 bomb-ampoule bundles, which provided combined equipment with both small air bombs predictions litecoin AZ-2 ampoules with a self-igniting samsung stock stock exchange. But they used BAS-1 less often than others, because they contained less ammunition. Another quote:More attention to this version of weapons showed the command of the Air Force of the Navy.

Especially for naval aviators in the NII-3 NKB "General A. Kostikov" predictions litecoin 132-mm missile-armor-piercing shells. But the ROFS-1939 missile-high-explosive fragmentation shells developed for bomber aviation as early as 132 predictions litecoin 1941 they were predictions litecoin M-13 predictions litecoin in the "infantry") completely replaced the RBS-132.

Their ballistics seacoin price comparable, in armor penetration they were slightly inferiorarmor-piercing, and three times superior in explosive capacity. During the war, Pe-2 aircraft with such PCs repeatedly successfully attacked sea targets. It is not surprising - the Germans had few ships with serious deck armor, and the attack on transports and guard patrols was also successful on I-153 fighters with RS-82 missiles.

What can I say about the Pe-2 with a 132-mm ROFS. How do you like the nomenclature. Caduc 15 August 2017 15: 13 0 0 0 Not a pilot. What reviews to predictions litecoin. For example, the opinion of pilots about take-off and landing.



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