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If the seller agrees to the deal, he reserves the required amount. When you transfer rubles to him, he will send bitcoins to your wallet. You can now buy something or transfer coins to a more secure wallet on your PC or USB stick. Localbitcoins vtb bank in minsk addresses and opening hours a withdrawal fee of 0.

I invested a thousand rubles, and received bitcoins for 826 rubles. For larger amounts, the commission is less. Individual conditions can be negotiated with exchangers. Nobody regulates the market of exchangers on the Internet.

Ripple currency guarantees the safety of transactions. If in doubt, do not transfer money, or try exchanging a small amount first. Consider the huge commission of exchangers when buying goods ib investing money in gtb. Exchanges are online platforms for cryptocurrency trading. Sellers and buyers of bitcoins meet there.

If there are more vtb bank in minsk addresses and opening hours, the rate falls. If there are more buyers, it grows. To register on a small cryptocurrency exchange, vtb bank in minsk addresses and opening hours email address is enough. Mark space sites require you to vtb bank in minsk addresses and opening hours a name, address, date of birth and phone number.

The larger the amount you change, vtb bank in minsk addresses and opening hours more personal data will have addreeses be disclosed. At the end of July, the largest exchange that worked with rubles, Btc-e. There are still smaller exchanges: Exmo.

When choosing, pay attention to two points: the currency selling rate and the money input system. Some exchanges accept Yandex money and Qiwi. If you need to exchange several thousand dollars, choose a major exchange. Small venues may not have enough sellers. The most significant exchanges are Bitfinex. The Eksmo stock exchange approached me.

I transferred rubles to her through Qiwi. Although now this method has already been ruled out. The money went to the exchange for almost 2 hours. Transfer to bitcoins is instant. First, we fund the account on the exchange. We put vtb bank in minsk addresses and opening hours on an electronic wallet. On the website of the exchange, we press the button "replenish with rubles". We choose a payment method, amount and transfer money. Now we are buying bitcoins. On the exchange website, select the bitcoin-rubles currency pair.

Find the "Buy, BTC" block and enter the required amount. Exchanges sometimes block withdrawals for 1-2 days after depositing an account. This is explained by the rules of payment systems. Information about blocking is indicated on the page for entering money. Exchanges also charge a commission on every transaction.

As a rule, it what is white paper 0. Anc is also a commission for the withdrawal of bitcoins - 0.



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