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Where and how you can buy bitcoins

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No law you disrupt. We have heard about criminal stratum pool for cashing cryptocurrency. For example, this is a resonant matter. Yes, there were a few loud news about the arrest of Bitcoin. But always the cause of ripple to ruble chart arrest was not the fact of exchange, another crime.

As for the case described above, people were accused of illegal banking. Such an article you definitely not threaten. Therefore, if you are an ordinary person (not entity) And you want to bring Bitcoin, having exchanged it on the fate currency, then you have nothing to be afraid. That the state really wants you to pay more taxes. Therefore, it is understood that you must pay a tax on any income. Accordingly, this income must be specified in the Declaration.

And the Declaration itself is submitted to the tax. But, firstly, cryptocurrencies anonymous. Therefore, it is almost impossible to track where the money came from and what is the basis for translation.

And if you bring bitcoins immediately into cash, where and how you can buy bitcoins state bodies Do not know anything about your income at all. Secondly, it is impossible to prove that this income (of course, if you yourself do not tell about this). You can always say wtf cryptocurrency price this is a loan or a gift that are not taxed.

Thirdly, it is not clear how to count the income. It seems to be paid for a profit tax, right. And what if you bought it 10,000. So you should not pay anything at a loss. But it is not clear how you can prove this tax.

And even less clear how the tax where and how you can buy bitcoins be able to prove the opposite. While the legislation is not yet ready, the tax manifests little interest to income from cryptocurrency.

Pay where and how you can buy bitcoins from cashing bitcoin or not. Do I pay taxes with cryptocurrency. In fact, it is not. Where and how you can buy bitcoins, the Bank in Panama will not transfer to Russian tax information about where and how you can buy bitcoins account. But Russian course in Mozyr for today systems Visa and Master Card will be transmitted.

In general, as far as I know, there is no tax police in Russia, which would track your transactions. But if segela are interested, then information about transactions on your offshore card will be easy to get. There are 2 popular services with which you can output Bitcoin on your bank card: Bestchange where and how you can buy bitcoins LocalBitcoins.

At the time of writing the article, Bitcoin's course was 670,941 rubles according to the CoinDesk.



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