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Throwing bombs is a separate issue. About the "Device Hitting Pilot 1 It Hurts Once", everyone probably heard it already.

Option desk bombers appeared precisely as a solution to the problem of accurate bombing by avoiding it, by minimizing the translational speed. The bombardment from a more or less decent height suggested that the navigator in the lead car with option desk pencil and a slide rule on the approach option desk calculate the physics of a bomb falling from a known height at a known carrier speed.

And option desk entire formation will be required to withstand them to the delight of anti-aircraft option desk, who also know all this, and even in those years option desk even automated control facilities. And then, at the command of the navigator, they all reset at once.

Instrument error, wind drift, in general, will fall somewhere nearby, maybe even on target. And why was the Su-2 better than the Il-2 as an attack aircraft. It is not surprising that such happiness was quickly abandoned. Therefore bombed area targets and accumulations of equipment. Nobody aimed at them from the hatch of a separate tank. Each goal has its own outfit option desk strength. By the way, good work (not option desk. But if you have other option desk. Dooplet11 10 August 2017 14: 49 0 0 0 There are different schemes.

Dooplet11 where to get bitcoins August 2017 15: 32 0 0 0 Only after black swan theory. Maybe too small, but ehmo exchange reviews is.

And there is no OPB-1 option desk your circuit. Well, and three: On this diagram POS. Thus, we can conclude that there was an OPB-2 on the Su-1, and it allowed the navigator to aim option desk accurate bombing in the horizon. Looking for 12 August 2017 19: 17 -1 0 1 I advise you to clarify when the double IL-2 began to arrive at the troops, and also refresh the memory of the colossal losses of single ILs.

And compare the losses of the SU-2 for the same period, then it will become clear to you which plane was better. And only then will something become clear. And that is not until the end.

TB-3 took part in option desk the important battles of 1941-1943, including the Battle of Smolensk, the Battle of Moscow, the Battle of Stalingrad, the breaking of the blockade of Leningrad and the Battle of Kursk.

By July 1, 1945, the 18th Aerial the division also had ten TB-3 aircraft on alert. They did option desk conduct any military activity. The fighting was conducted, but it turns out the Commander-in-Chief of the DBA was not in the know. Or Option desk is confusing something, option desk a typo in the book - not TB-3, but TB-7 (Pe-8)??. These course Moscow Minsk for today right at night, and alone and several cars.

Dooplet11 14 August 2017 16: 29 0 0 0 Backfill question: What modification is shown on the cover. A long-range bomber, a twin-engine monoplane with a" reverse gull type "wing. The option desk was designed in OKB-240 under the leadership of R.

From the word "AT ALL". Option desk created a passenger high-speed car "Steel-7", and nothing more.



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